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Baccarat - The Rules of the Game

What is the main objective when we play the game of Baccarat? Baccarat gives us a little twist when we come to a table and play the game. Our first impression would be that this card game is a game of skill. The truth is that it isn't exactly like other card games like blackjack or poker where a player's really skill counts. In Baccarat we simply just make a bet which side wins and not to beat the dealer. We only wager who will win in the next hand in this game.

There are only three options or bets that we can make in this unique card game - Tie, Player, and Banker. A little rule is that it doesn't necessarily mean that the Banker bet represents the house, remember that it's only a betting option. The Dealer and the Banker represent hands or the two sides that vie for a winning total against each other and a Tie is a wager that both will end up with the same equal total. As a rule the casino earns its keep by taking away five percent of the winnings every time the Banker bet wins.

Now, let's move on to rules on determining the value of each hand. We'll move off to the value of each card in Baccarat. In this card game each card will be taken at its own face value with an Ace as the lowest and a Nine being the highest. So what happens to the Ten card and the Face cards? In Baccarat, these cards don't have any value.

These are the rules on how cards will be dealt: One card for the players and then one for the banker, a second card for the dealer and another for the banker. All the players and the banker (usually the house plays the role of Banker) will initially receive two cards each. If anyone gets a total of nine that hand instantly wins. Each player will have a separate game against the banker and not against other players.

If a hand totals above nine (e.g. Seven card and Eight card which is 15 total) you lose the ten in the total and the hand totals down to five points. If both hands (Player and Banker) have the same value then only the Tie bet wins (i.e. Banker and Player bets lose).

There are instances where a third card will have to be dealt. If a player's initial hand (i.e. first two cards) totals to five or less a third card is dealt. The banker gets a third card if the initial hand totals six or lower. There are exceptions to this rule but those will change from casino to casino.

These are the rules of Baccarat. The game is really simple and involves very little skill, if any at all. Try it, you'll surely enjoy the game.