Baccarat Valley

Some Techniques in the Game of Baccarat

The Game of Baccarat is usually played using eight decks of cards placed in a shoe. Cards that have a value under ten are worth their own value while the tens, jacks, queens and the kings have a value of zero. The ace card has a value of one.

Wagers are placed on the banker, the player or the tie in the game. About two card hands are then given to the banker and the player.

The total for the banker and the player hand is the total of the two cards but the first digit is taken away. For example if a player has a card hand of seven and five, it has a score of two (7 plus 5 = 12 ; you will drop the one). A third card may be given to the players in the game depending on the rules. Some of these rules are: First, if the player or the banker has a score of a nine or eight, they both have to stand.

Second, if the player has a total score of five or less, the player must then hit. The player must then stand if he will not hit. If the player chooses to stand, the banker must then hit five or less, if the player will hit a chart is used as a basis if the banker will stand or hit. The odds in a Baccarat game are that the higher score wins.

The winning wagers on the banker payout in a ratio of 19:20 (cash less of a total of 5% percent in commissions). The Commissions that are needed to be paid are carefully kept track of and cleared when you leave the game so as a player, you must make sure that you have enough money before leaving. Winning wagers of the player pays in a ratio of 1:1.

Winning wagers for the tie usually pay an 8:1 ratio but they also sometimes pay a 9:1 ratio. This is usually considered to be a bad wager as ties happen less often. Players must refrain from wagering on the tie at all costs. As with all casino table games, a lot of players have misconceptions about the game.

Past games are not a good indicator of what will happen on the succeeding games so it is useless. The most basic and optimum strategy is the one-three-two-six technique. This technique is used to increase the chances of winning in the game and minimize the losses that the player could experience while playing.

Players should begin by wagering one unit. If the player wins, the player can add another to the two at the Baccarat table for a total of three on the second wager. If the player wins, he will have a 6 on the table; remove the four so that the player can have a two on the third wager.

If the player wins on the third wager, add 2 to the 4 on the table so that you will have a total of six on the fourth wager. If you lose on the first wager, you will get a loss of one. A win on the first wager which will be followed by a loss on the second wager will just create a loss of two. Wins on the first 2 wager with a loss on the third wager will give the player a total profit of two.